Brand new to Substack?


I’m so glad you’re here. Substack is a wonderful platform where people have time. They have time to read your work, join community, leave thoughtful comments.

Want some Simple Substack Advice - head here where you’ll find a video and some articles to help.

Yes you can make money here if you want to but you don’t have to turn on your paid option. It’s a “new engine for culture” and so knowing that is knowing we get to design it the way we want.

Cafe working forever!

What feels right to you?

If you’ve found your way to my resources feel free to have a dig around and see what resonates, what you need and when you might need it.

There’s SO much to say about Substack.

I seem to end up saying these three things over and over to new folks here so I’ve made a page for them. If you’re new I don’t want you to feel overwhelmed.

Part of that work is deciding what you want your Substack to be…

Is it…

  • Your seasonal/ monthly newsletter?

  • A space to write/ blog

  • A place to grow community, a podcast?

  • A space to host video?

  • A space to read?

I wrote an A-Z of Substack for you if you fancy a read? You could also head to my collection of ‘Simple Substack’ articles too.

There’s time; we have SO much time. Lots of us want to help you to get to know the platform and what it can be for you.

Here’s a tonne of help articles and videos from


Here’s a checklist you can work through if you like that sort of thing…

Substack Get Set Up And Go Paid Check List
578KB ∙ PDF file

  • Here’s a free 5 day mini course delivered to your email I made just for you.

  • Here’s a video on how to make a post. There’s a full playlist of videos I’ve called ‘Get Creative on Substack’ to help newbies over on my YouTube channel.

  • I share my journey in real time and teach two classes a month over on

    members. It’s great value as you get access to the library of resources; over 20 hours of workshops/ ‘how to’ posts.

  • I’ve also started a collection of posts aimed at beginners right here.

  • There are MORE resources that get sent in your welcome email if you subscribe including a canva template for page breaks and a check list to help you get set up.

I hope those resources meet you where you’re at. Do ask if you need something specific. Everyone is very friendly here.

My chat is open once a week on Mondays or you can post on notes and ‘tag’ me in. I’m @

there. You’re so so welcome! ✨

Let’s joyfully grow our Substacks together!



PS - How to protect your peace - If you are looking to turn on ‘smart notifications’ on to keep your email inbox from overflowing here are the steps.

You’ll find this in your profile (picture) settings not your writer dashboard settings.