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The Conscious Game we Play with Kat River

The Conscious Game we Play with Kat River

Sparkle on Substack, Season 1, Episode 12.... AND my 1-2-1s are BACK! ✨

"I would like to say that like if you were to imagine social media being completely neutral, it's not good, it's not bad, it's not right, it's not wrong, it's not overwhelming, it's not draining, it's not super exciting, it's nothing right, it's just completely neutral."

Hi all,

How’s your day going? ✨

I’m so delighted I’ve found a new podcast editor - yay!! I want to model what is going on for me in real time in throwing perfectionism out of the window and bringing a podcast to life. It’s our conversation live and the way it was and I’m SO cool with it. I have two more episodes coming to wrap up Season One of Sparkle on Substack! Do other people do 14 episode seasons? I’m not sure but that’s what’s felt GOOD and right for me!

🍯 💖

In January I interviewed

with a live audience.

I wanted to talk to Kat about her thoughts on seemingly effortless blend of using Substack Notes and Instagram to promote her writing work here on Substack.

We dive into mindset, some practical tips and some of our personal experiences. Kat has grown an Instagram profile of 45k followers, is a Substack ‘bestseller’ and a beautifully generous community space holder. There is success woven in between the public posts and that looks like life wholeheartedly conscious with our families offline.

This is our values connect.

Our conversation might polarise your thoughts and we’re here for it - it has to feel good and true for you.

One thing we know is ONLY good things happen if you bring your best and most generous authentic self to the human to human connection possible via the portals of the socials. But yes it’s a conscious game and one we can play by our own unique rules within a vortex of invitations! My point is we CHOOSE when to pick it up and when to put it down.


My ai software gave me a tonne of questions I could pose with this podcast episode - I loved these four and so I’m sharing those with you…

  1. How do our beliefs about social media platforms shape our experiences and behaviours online?

  2. How has Substack changed the game for creators and writers who are looking for a more fulfilling platform for genuine connections and in-depth content?

  3. Kat suggests unique ways to engage with subscribers on Substack. How important is interactivity in building a loyal readership, and what strategies can be employed to boost it?

  4. Can you lean into the dichotomy of online persona versus real-life interactions? What role does authenticity play in effective personal branding and audience engagement?

About Kat

Kat is multidimensional woman with a thousand faces, passions, secret interests and not so secret interests. Though more practically, an Australian creative, living in the Noosa Hinterland of QLD Australia with her husband Tully, and her two littles… and six chickens. Hattie, Elma, Daisy, Maple, Orange and FluffyMello.

Here’s what she says on the invitation to her work;

Over at

, you’re invited to join our thriving symposium for the Mothers, the Mystics and the Makers.

We explore soulful business, creativity, motherhood, philosophy and more as we find our rhythm between mothering and making. Your lap of luxury in the form of weekly essays, A delicious interview series, recommendation and celebration posts, guest posts, soon to be online workshops and more.

Read this if you want to feel into being in this space; "An open letter to mother creatives"I write with a flavour of curiosity, exploration and dancing with you into optimism.

On understanding Instagram's True Nature: "Most people think Instagram is a community app. And then when they go there and they don't immediately get the community, they're wondering what's wrong. It's a marketing app, first and foremost."

Here’s the transcript from our live podcast recording ‘Social Media Rules Don’t Apply’ - I’m so sorry about the Welsh though? 🤷🏽‍♀️

any clue?

You can read and subscribe to Kat’s Substack community here;

Ready to get your sparkle on?

Social Media - you blinding prism of a topic - let's go!

Come back and chat here when you’ve listened?



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