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'That was then and this is now...' with Cait Flanders

'That was then and this is now...' with Cait Flanders

Sparkle on Substack; Season 1, Episode 7.

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"I actually want this (Substack) to be something that other people truly do see themselves in. Like, it's outside of me. Yes, I'm managing it, and I'll still write stories, including personal stories, but it's not just about me. It's more about topics that I have personal experience with."

Cait Flanders

Welcome back to the Sparkle on Substack podcast where we explore what it means to be creatives who also write.

In this episode, I’m joined by

, a super talented writer, author and editor behind the newly renamed Substack publication

Cait takes us on a journey through the evolution of her publication here on Substack (and what came before) and shares incredibly generous insight along the way.

It was a JOY to spend time with her at the end of summer… I feel like I also got a beautiful mentoring session as part of the pod recording too. I adore her approach as you can tell and I think you will too!

In this episode...

We dive into Cait’s decision to change the name of Substack from Hi Friend to Explore Within, and the profound implications it has on the content she creates and the community she fosters.

Cait’s publication ‘Explore Within’.

As Cait explores the direction of her publication, she reflects on a previous job as a managing editor and how it influenced her approach to working with writers.

I loved hearing Cait share her vision of creating a publication that resonates with others, encouraging them to see themselves reflected within its pages.

Cait also delves into the challenges of managing contact methods and cutting off social media platforms to alleviate burnout and focus on her writing projects. We chat about our (sometimes complex) relationship with

Notes’ too.

I loved hearing more about Cait's past experiences, including the release of her first book, "The Year of Less," and the impact it had on managing ‘presence’ online. I quiz Cait on online boundaries, managing viral energy and “versions” of ourselves online.

You can buy Cait’s BRILLIANT books wherever you are in the world via her website.

Timestamped Podcast Overview

Thanks a.i 😉

00:01:06 Author Cait Flanders, known for "The Year of Less," shares her journey of minimalism and personal finance through books and blogs.

00:03:08 Stopped blogging, felt burnt out, missed writing. Substack fit the bill.

00:10:22 SUPER Proud of my old blog and book.

00:14:00 Book launch was intense, felt vulnerable.

00:18:31 Trying to find the right balance and frequency for journaling sessions.

00:21:08 Shifting focus to community on Substack.

00:27:37 Embrace personal creative process, speak out.

00:30:29 Title changed from Hi Friend to Explore Within. Expand focus beyond personal blog. Prompt for writers to share their explorations.

00:35:00 Nuanced invite to be present and authentic.

00:40:59 Writing blog, had guest writers, busy life, growth, collaborative experience, managing editor, handling pitches.

00:46:42 Reduced contact options, improved focus on writing.

00:49:52 People had mixed feelings about Notes. There's filtering and notifications, unlike social media. Some left the platform due to difficulty.

00:54:00 Having no plans, but enjoying the journey.

00:56:11 Seeking a proper business that fulfils creatively.

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Would love to hear what you think of our chat and what it sparks for you?

Claire (and Cait)


PS - The piece I mention that woke me up demanding to be written at 3.30am one morning…

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