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Breath work, being shy, books and being paid on Substack with Annie Ridout

Breath work, being shy, books and being paid on Substack with Annie Ridout

Sparkle on Substack, Season 1, Episode 10

"Substack is such an incredible model for writers. I started putting out my Wednesday personal essay on here as well as a Monday kind of business coachy email. And then I launched a podcast called Home..."

Annie Ridout

Hi all,

Good morning! ✨

I’m back with another jam packed episode of Sparkle on Substack and I will be straight up with you that I’m between podcast editors and I can’t get to grips with the hyper focus I need for garage band so I’m just putting this one out and revisiting all that editing space with a fresh take in Spring.

🍯 💖

I want to model what is going on for me in real time in bringing a podcast to life as a passion project.

I can’t dance with perfectionism when it comes to creativity. Well I could, but he’s a mesmerising type and I’m not here for Greek Mythology.

I’m here to be of service SO this episode is our conversation without music and an intro/ out-tro. I’ll replace it when I get a new editor.

Of course my members here on Sparkle get everything first but I don’t want to hide anything away for too long and especially not a woman with this much sparkle;


Annie is a London based author of three books, journalist, ghostwriter, poet, life coach. She’s passionate about Substack and work/ life balance. She’s ambitious and grounded. I know you are going to be super interested in her journey. Annie holds space for people to gather. Forced out of work in early motherhood, she set up a wildly successful platform for parents called ‘The Early Hour’

I adored the conversation with Annie and I was delighted she made the time to speak with me. We explored managing energy online, boundaries, opportunities, the evolving publishing landscape and balancing free/ paid for content here.

As authors and writers, it can be challenging to navigate the industry and find opportunities and it was brilliant to hear Annie share her experience of securing a book deal and the unique journeys to get there with each book.

And I was like, oh, wow, this could become a thing that people pay for. And then I did put a paywall on the next one and got a load of people sign up and start paying. I had three pounds 50 a month at first, and I was amazed that people would pay for my writing and so pleased and started to think about how much of my career this could become substack. And I was seeing other people who were making lots of money and doing really well, and so I knew that was a possibility.

Annie Ridout

Annie Ridout on Instagram: “We all have a shadow side - the less ‘palatable’ parts - and they are crucial. We need darkness and light; yin and yang. No one is only kind, nice, content, positive, lightness. We all have anger, trauma, hurt, disappointment, fury, rage. And repressing it by internalising it can be hugely detrimental to our health. See your shadow self and invite her into your light. Annie x #shadowwork #shadowself
#spirituality #feminineenergy #femininepower #thework
January 17, 2024

You can read and subscribe to Annie’s Substack here;

Annie's wonderful books!
  1. The Freelance Mum

  2. Shy

  3. Raise your SQ

Substack offers immediate publishing opportunities and there’s magic in that and so so much opportunity for us, for all of us no matter where we are in our journey.

If you’d prefer to watch our conversation (with captions) head here. The transcript is above.

Ready to get your sparkle on?

Let's go! Come back and chat here when you’ve listened? I’d love to know what you think and what chimes for you in service, opportunity and creativity?


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