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Sparkle on Substack
WELCOME to Season Two

WELCOME to Season Two

of Sparkle on Substack the podcast! ✨ 🎙️

Hi all

I’m delighted to drop in two BRAND new PODCAST episodes…

This is my brief intro to the season celebrating two years on Substack and 7k subscribers. 🤩 ✨

To celebrate the podcast re-launch I’m offering 35% off when you join us a paid subscriber (member) for one year.

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In this episode I recap on how my Substack publications have shaped and evolved over time. I also hone in on the recent trend of overwhelm and the move toward clarity on this platform. I talk about ‘calls to action’ and creating posts and honing a publication that’s right for us.

Watch the podcast here so you can see me walk through the three publications I host here…

Links/ spaces I mention;

Thanks so much to

for the super edits! ✨ My first guest episode with drops TOMORROW afternoon. It’s a smasher! ✨

How lovely it is that we can write a poem... 
about the feelings we have about this sparkly space...
making it all up as we go along.
Sparkle on Substack
Sparkle on Substack
Stay Creative on Substack with tutorials, teaching, posts, threads, thoughts and tools. Special guest episodes with those who I massively respect and I know will help you sparkle up your Substack and find your true north on the platform! ✨