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Staying Experimental in the World of Substack with Gabrielle Treanor

Staying Experimental in the World of Substack with Gabrielle Treanor

Sparkle on Substack, Season 1 Episode 12

"If you take off 8 hours for the recommended amount of sleep we're supposed to have, 1% of your waking day is ten minutes. And so the book is filled with experiments of ideas of how you can take care of your well being and your mental and emotional well being in just ten minutes a day to make it as doable as possible."

Morning Everyone!

I’m back with episode 12 of the

podcast. I can’t quite believe I’ve recorded 12 episodes in 6 months but here we are.

I have two more to share and the season is complete.

This whole podcast season has been an experiment. Originally, I wanted to record 12 episodes, I wanted to learn about the whole process of podcasting, dance with it’s needs and wants, I wanted to model it for you.

If you are considering using audio on Substack, this one’s for you. I’d also really recommend tuning into

’s work she’s the podcast QUEEN!

Leaning into wellness…

A few week back, I spoke with

who has a BEAUTIFUL book out in the world. Gabrielle’s book is called ‘The 1% Wellness Experiment’ and it published just before Christmas here in the UK.

It’s on pre-order in the US and and Canada and will be out end of Feb ‘24.

Gabrielle has shown up on Substack for a whole month in Substack Notes to promote her book. I was super keen to find out from her how it’s all felt and is feeling heading towards the USA launch.

I loved re-connecting with Gabrielle and I got all the juice on HOW she got her book deal.

I know this topic crops up a lot and so I’ll give you a sneak that for those of you convincing yourself it’s to do with huge online followings you’ll be pleasantly surprised. ✨

Sharing generosity in it all is so important to me. Please know if you are in financial hardship and need a subscription to

it’s yours - no questions asked. The exchange; belief that my work can hold you to make a change for yourself and impact others positively in the world and a promise to pay it forward when you can.

Meet Gabrielle

Gabrielle says;

I help overthinking, overdoing women who always put everyone else first and themselves last. They've had enough of feeling stressed, exhausted, unappreciated, resentful and guilty for feeling that way.

I help you feel like you can breathe again, to get back your spark, to have time and space, healthier relationships and more fun. I create a compassionate, non-judgemental space (as described by my clients) to gently explore what’s keeping you stuck in this place and how to move forward, along with practical tools and actions to live the calmer, happier, more peaceful life you dream of.

Here’s your timestamped podcast overview;

00:00 Claire Venus welcomes Gabrielle to talk about books.

03:33 Internet empowerment, new creativity and well-being.

07:33 Book: "The 1% Wellness Experiment" - 10-minute daily well-being practices.

11:55 Excitement for book release and individual wellness.

15:15 Embrace ten minutes of mind wandering freely.

19:56 Fear of unknown thoughts, but embrace them.

24:03 Repetitive crafting soothes mind, brings peace.

26:12 Embracing daily walks for mental well-being.

32:35 Joined Substack, a compelling platform for writing.

33:15 Substack: Hosting newsletters and reaching new audience.

37:34 Book published, daily posts on Instagram notes.

42:43 Wellness is crucial for creatives and life.

44:07 Contacted by editors on Instagram, offered book deal.

48:33 Embracing new experiences for personal and creative growth.

52:14 Balancing commitment to Substack with current capacity.

56:18 Well-researched, sophisticated content that promotes calm.

58:42 Creating a haven for people is important.

"So a few years ago, I was contacted by two different commissioning editors around the same time on Instagram, through Instagram, in that that's where they had found me, first of all."

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I’d love you to pop back and let

and I know what this conversation sparked for you.

We’ll meet you in the comments?

Thanks as always for being here and supporting my work here at Sparkle on Substack.


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