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Selling isn't pushy when your content is pure gold with Russell Nohelty

Selling isn't pushy when your content is pure gold with Russell Nohelty

Sparkle on Substack Season 1, Episode 9.

WELCOME back to Sparkle on Substack. After a slight hiatus, I’m bring some more episodes of the podcast back. These episodes aren’t edited - they are a more casual affair. Hope you enjoy! I’ve got a couple of episodes planned but let me know who you’d like to hear from on the pod this year? I’d love to know - I love chatting with folks about their Substack journey.

In episode 9, I’m joined for an epic chat by Russell Nohelty. I am a HUGE fan of Russell’s work. I met him on Substack notes and I joked (but it’s true) I need to print his writing out and grab my pink highlighter to digest all the good stuff.

He’s truly a wizard when it comes to the business of being an author and is doing great things here on Substack.

There are 40 ish hours to go to back his latest kickstarter campaign… 💨

Russell Nohelty is a seasoned creative entrepreneur

His work has continuously evolved to help authors not just thrive financially but also fortify their careers on rock-solid foundations. His journey in nurturing creative talent began in earnest with the launch of his project, The Complete Creative, which ran from 2016 to 2020. Featuring a 200-episode podcast, this venture offered insights and resources for burgeoning creatives.

Russell carried forward the wisdom garnered from the Complete Creative into his subsequent endeavour; The Author Stack.

Here, he meticulously curated his extensive knowledge on author growth, aiming to provide a structured blueprint for success in the literary world.

Central to Russell's philosophy are the five pillars of building a creative career:

  • crafting exceptional work

  • mastering sales techniques

  • growing a dedicated audience

  • excelling at live events

  • and launching products with efficacy.

He believes these pillars are indispensable for any author wishing to leave a lasting imprint in the industry.

In collaboration with Monica Leonelle, his business partner and a fellow advocate for author empowerment, they have crafted 'Direct Sales Mastery for Authors,' a comprehensive guide now premiering on Kickstarter (2 days left to support), encapsulating proven strategies and actionable advice for authors eager to take control of their sales and elevate their careers.

This initiative is yet another testament to Russell Nohelty's unwavering commitment to fostering a vibrant, self-sustaining community of successful authors.

You can find

right here on Substack!

✨ Russell's Top Tips for Creators:

  • The art of branding: Learn to attract and grow your audience with intentional branding decisions.

  • The significance of being "recommendable" - understand the pivotal role of share-ability in your work's success.

  • Finding balance with paywalls: Insider advice on what content stays free and what goes behind a paywall.


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